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SM-8300 Pneumatic screen silk Machine

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  • Features:


     1. Through the European CE certification , meet with ISO 14000 standard , the RHOS standard products


     2. Safety interlock device and fully sealing design ,ensure production ans environment safety


     3. Unique rotaryspray cleaning +independent rotating spray rinsing + high pressure air drying , make sure silk screem with high cleanoliness


    4. Automatic add drainage system , effectively reduce the intensity of labor ,save time


    5. Special small exhaust outlet design ,improve the working environment.


     6. Cleaning pressure adjustable , make sure the screem tension stability .


     7. Cleaning frequency automatic counting ,convenient and timely change filter element and liquid


     8. Visual liquid quantity desgin ,convenient and timely add liquid ,make sure the machine running normal


    9. Centralize control , easy maintenance


    10. Intergrated global high quality components, ensure the equipment with high stability and reliability.


    11. Stainless steel material,safe and durable ,lasting resist corrosion


    12. Unique screen installation desing , cleaning different size steel mesh , without need install other feature


    13. Comparing with the same products , the sevice life is longer ,better effect , high cost-effectiv.


  • Specification:

    External dimension 1200mm(L)*1000mm(W)*1910mm(H)
     Net weight 240KG
    Air pressure 0.55~0.7Mpa
    Air consumption 400-600L/Min
    Apply silk screen size 1000mm*1000mm*40mm(MAX)
    Circulation filter system  1 class 5μm,2 class 1μm
    Liquid storage tank capacity 50L(MAX)*2
    Air outlet size Φ125*H30mm
    Cleaning mothed Rotary spray clean+indenpendent rinsing +high pressure air drying
    Cleaning time 2~4 min
    Rinsing time 1~2 min


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