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SM-3000 Pneumatic PCB V-CUT Separator

SM-3000 pneumatic PCB V-CUT Separator is suitable for PCB Separator with V-slot; multifunctional, small volume, pneumatic output power, solenoid valve control, fast and safe

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  • ◆SM-3000 Pneumatic PCB V-CUT Separator used to cut V-grooved PCB board, Multi-function, small size, pneumatic driven, controlled by solenoid vale, high speed and safety operation


    ◆Can reduce the internal stress produced during Cutting the PCB to the minimum and avoid tin cracking,The upper and lower blade point run in from the V-groove side of the base plate,with high cutting effect


    ◆Due to different depth of V groove,In order to reduce the tool loss, the upper and lower tools can be precisely adjusted, just cutting the plate, so the loss is small


    ◆Rack with different height can be configured. The standard machine is for workers to work in a sitting position with a working height of 760mm; it can also be equipped with high rack workers to work in a standing position with a working height of 1100mm

  • Machine Size(Head of machine):730*300*400mm

    work Power:220 V AC

    Air pressure:0.4-0.65 Mpa
    Maximum cutting PCB length : PCB with V-CUT in 350mm length

    Maximum shear stress: 4.5 tons (gross)

    Weight:155 KG

    Upper blade size:Length*Height*Thickness 356*42*7 mm
    Lower blade size:Length*Height*Thickness 360*50*7 mm

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