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SM-60 Nozzle Cleaning machine

SM-60 nozzle cleaning machine can automatically complete nozzle cleaning and drying process

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  • * Streamline appearance with elegant design;

    * From the top put nozzle into jig clean room to automatic cleaning,Ultrasonic clean+spraying rinse+drying process;

    * Clean and drying 60 nozzle at one time,achieve high efficiency and energy-saving;

    * Perspective Windows for the whole process,which makes performance and operation more convenient;

    * The whole machine adopt 304 stainless,which is anti-rusted,anti-corrosion,firm and stable;

    * User-friendly design, one button to start and stop on the external button;

    * Adopt human-machine dialogue software, touch screen + PLC distributed control, stable and reliable performance;

    * Easy operation,friendly interface and can be switched between English and Chinese;

    * It has misoperation alarming system and emergency braking system, equipped with overload and leakage protection system;

    * Use environment-protecting industrial DI water;

    * Centralized collection of wastes,convenient maintenance.

  • * Dimensions (length, width and height) 700×600×1380 MM  

    * Power supply (two-phase two-wire) AC 220V,50/60Hz, 11A

    * Air source pressure 0.5 - 0.8MPa(During normal work)

    * Cleaning process: ultrasonic cleaning + pulsed pressurized rinsing + pulsed pressurized air drying


    Electrical control part parameters:

    * Total power: 2.4KW                 

    * control mode: Touch screen+PLC

    * Air source: Pure compressed air   

    * Rinsing jet pressure: 0.5 -- 1MPa

    * Air consumption: 100NL/min         

    * Cleaning liquid type: Water based solvent

    * Rinsing liquid type: DI Water      

    * Cleaning tank volume: 8L

    * Rinsing tank volume: 17L           

    * Air pipe/Add pipe/Drain pipe: ¢12 / ¢12/ ¢12

    * Nozzle tray:60 Nozzles           

    * Filter:0.5μm

    * Cleaning nozzle: 0201 - 2512 (inch)

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