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SM-8800 In-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

SM-8800 is a full-automatic online cleaning machine, which is suitable for flux residue cleaning of high-capacity PCBA, semiconductor and other products

There are many other options to meet the requirements of user optimization process and cost control.

The product has been used for daily cleaning of high reliability products such as military industry, instruments and meters, communication, medical treatment, automobile electronics, aviation and navigation, industry and semiconductor.

SM-8800 has core technology and meets RoHS and halogen-free requirements of the electronics industry

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  • Suitable for mass cleaning, complete the whole process of pure water cleaning and drying Online

    Excellent cleaning effect, effective to water soluble flux, organic and inorganic pollutants

    The whole cleaning process is fully automatic and complete without manual intervention

    Real-time monitoring of the whole cleaning process, the cleaning parameters are clear at a glance

    System capacity counting and off board induction system

    Solid and durable integral stainless steel body, PPH pipeline (strong acid and alkali resistance, easier maintenance)

    Resistivity monitoring rinse DI water to ensure cleanliness

    Unique design of rinsing overflow to save water consumption

    Setting up automatic adding and discharging system is convenient and fast

    Condensation recovery system is more efficient, including cooling generator to reduce the cost of liquid consumption

    Energy saving and emission reduction control system can automatically identify whether products stop automatically and save energy consumption

    The cleaning box is equipped with PID temperature control system to ensure the best activity of the cleaning liquid

    The water tank in the whole process section has the function of liquid level protection, alarming at low and high water levels

    Hot air for recycling, increasing the temperature inside the bellows and reducing energy consumption and emissions

    Drying temperature adjustable setting point can help protect temperature sensitive components

    The arrangement of the spray rod can match the future upgrade and process requirements to facilitate the subsequent more complex cleaning

    Customizable multi-channel transmission system

    The machine is equipped with indoor lighting to improve the identification of the process area

  • Working speed

     0.1--1.5m/min adjustable

     Air supply


     Height of conveying surface


     DI water supply

     ≧0.25Mpa resistivity ≧15MΩ.cm

     Width of conveying surface


     Filter element

     Cleaning liquid(10μm)

     Transmission mode

     Mesh belt conveyor (single layer)

    Pure water consumption


    Access board direction

     Left in right out (viewed from the front of the machine)

     Detergent consumption


     Pure water inlet diameter


     Exhaust volume


    Air inlet diameter

     Φ12mm PU air pipe

     air consumption

     about 1M³/H(Use by pneumatic components)

     Drainage outlet diameter


     Net weight of machine

     about 2700KG

     Vent diameter


     Power consumption

     about 52 KW/H

    Power supply

     118KW   AC380V   180A  50HZ

     Three phase five wire power supply

     Maximum cleaning size


     Appearance dimension of equipment


  • 8800 inline PCBA Cleaning Machine,Lifting and loading into container for export overseas

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