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SM-8800S automatic in-line cleaning machine

Fully automatic in-line cleaning machine, using DI water for cleaning; suitable for cleaning flux residues of high-capacity PCBA, semiconductor and other products, with a variety of options to meet the requirements of user optimization process and cost control. The product has been used in the daily cleaning of high reliability products such as military, instrument, communication, industry and semiconductor. Sm-8800s has core technology and passed CE certification, meeting RoHS and halogen-free requirements of electronic industry

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  • ◆The power supply of the equipment is three-phase 380V, 50Hz, and the equipment is grounded

    ◆The main power switch of equipment electric control cabinet adopts leakage protection switch

    ◆The equipment is controlled by touch screen + Mitsubishi PLC, convenient for operation

    ◆The pressure of each group of upper and lower nozzles is adjusted separately to achieve the best spray effect

    ◆Frequency converter speed regulation: transmission system

    ◆Adjustable blade angle of each group

    ◆The equipment control system has energy-saving mode, equipped with photoelectric sensor at the entrance, and the main functions such as heating and water pump will stop running when there is no board in case of overtime, so as to achieve the design of water and power saving

    ◆Pump protection: design low level alarm protection

    ◆Over temperature protection: when the temperature reaches the set value, the heating device stops working; When the temperature is lower than the set value, the heater starts to work until the set temperature is reached

    ◆Emergency stop switch shall be set at the end of inlet and outlet plate respectively, so as to cut off the power supply in time in case of any accident during production

  • Dimension

    5000(L)x1650(W)x1700(H) mm

    Cleaning product size

    Max 400(L)x600(W)x60(H) mm
    Min 50*50 mm(need fixed by jig)

    Conveyor speed

    100--1500 mm/min Adjustable

    Conveyor height


    Conveyor width

    600 mm

    Water consumption

    10~15L/min(Depends on clean products)

    Direction of board

    Left to right

    Control method

    Touch screen and PLC

    Power Supply

    AC 380V 3P 50HZ; 81KW 125A

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