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SM-5600 off-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

For surface cleaning of SMT PCB and PCBA in electronic industry, the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry is used to achieve 100% cleanness and environmental protection


The machine is composed of cleaning system, rinsing system, fine rinsing, drying system and filtration system


100% Close loop operation, Zero discharge


The equipment is rinsed with water-based liquid detergent and DI water, without any potential safety hazard and no harm to personnel

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  • ◆High pressure spray system for PCB / PCBA cleaning process with water-based detergent

    ◆Three liquid tanks equipped with heating system to meet the needs of cleaning, rough rinsing, fine rinsing and hot air drying

    ◆Process flow: Cleaning - chemical isolation - rinsing (open-loop / closed-loop) - drying

    ◆Advanced automatic touch screen operation software, program files can be saved and easy to use

    ◆The counting function of the system can automatically accumulate the number of cleaning PCB boards and the number of cycles of filtering

    ◆The liquid and pump pressure can be displayed by the panel pressure gauge to feed back the operation status of the equipment in time

    ◆Conductivity monitoring rinse liquid to ensure cleanliness, conductivity can be set to meet different PCB process requirements

    ◆Solid and durable overall stainless steel body; acid or alkaline detergent resistant

    ◆The rinsing method is overflow, and the water from the fine rinsing overflows to the rough rinsing tank without repeated pollution

    ◆High pressure fan + hot air drying, the drying effect is faster and thorough

    ◆Running cost more low, just consumption 80-120ml solvent for pre clean cycle. the residual liquid on pipeline and pump will direct recycle, could reduce 50% consumption

  • Dimension(mm)


    Power supply

    Three phase380V(3 phase 5 cable)

    Total Power




    Air supply


    Exhaust port


    Clean tank volume


    Pre-rinse tank volume


    Rinse tank volume



    0.2μm  10 inch

    Clean basket

    500*550*100MM(two layer)

    Clean time


    Clean method

    Spray-Pre rinse- Rinse- hot-air drying


    PLC+Touch screen( One button start )

  • Multiple 5600  are being assemble

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