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Wastewater Treatment System

Aiming at the treatment of rinsing wastewater in flux cleaning process, it is used to remove the suspended solids, inorganic salt ions, residual chlorine and impurities in the wastewater, so as to realize the standard discharge or closed-loop recycling of water treatment

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  • Equipment advantages:
    ◆Small floor area: compact structure, beautiful appearance, all made of stainless steel body, solid and durable

    ◆Low operation cost: the technology process with low operation cost for wastewater treatment only consumes electricity and filter element
    ◆Full automatic operation: simple maintenance and operation, no need for special personnel to watch, automatic operation of the system
    ◆No chemicals needed: no chemicals added in the treatment process, physical treatment throughout the process, stable water quality
    ◆Ultra low pressure operation: no high pressure operation, no potential safety hazard in maintenance operation

  • Water inflow:200L/H

    Yield of concentrated water:60L/H
    Return water output:140L/H
    Pure water quality:conductivity ≤ 30 μs/cm
    Working water temperature:25 ℃
    Power consumption:3.5 KW/H

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