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SM-7500 Water-base Multi-Function Cleaning machine

This equipment apply for cleaning SMT industrial stencils, PCB, PCBA, printer scraper surface residue. Extraction of liquids by pumping, plasma filter, using the fan nozzle with high pressure spray cleaning, high pressure spray rinse, high-pressure wind cut and large flow fan hot air drying technology, ensure the high quality cleaning effect and high efficiency, significantly improve the disadvantages of the traditional cleaning machine.

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  • ◆Touch screen to control the whole cleaning process, LAN interface

    ◆Integration of cleaning, rough rinsing, fine rinsing, air cutting and drying functions

    ◆The spray chamber adopts a new technology "nano surface treatment", which can reduce the loss of liquid without liquid drops on the inner wall of the chamber

    ◆Machine operation event record can be saved

    ◆Large cleaning batch can save a lot of labor

    ◆The imported PPH pipe is used as the liquid pipeline, which is strong acid and alkali resistant and easy to maintain
    ◆The equipment has a real-time circulating filtering system for cleaning, rough rinsing and fine rinsing. The design of separate and isolated pump liquid circuit is used. During cleaning, the spray liquid directly flows back to the cleaning liquid tank through the mechanical mechanism. improves the utilization efficiency of the liquid, and there is no liquid mix phenomenon

    ◆Safety door anti sliding device, high safety factor

    ◆DI water integrated recovery, equipped with plasma activated carbon, resin reverse osmosis filtration, can achieve zero discharge in a long time

    ◆Perspective glass door design, can observe the whole cleaning process

    ◆The body of the whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, beautiful and durable

  • Dimension(mm)


    Maximum cleaning size


    Power supply

    Three phase380V(3 phase 5 cable)

    Total Power


    Rated current


    Air Exhaust port


    Clean tank volume


    Pre-rinse tank volume


    Rinse tank volume


    Input water pressure


    Input air pressure


    Clean time

    3-10Min adjustable

    Clean method

    Spray-Pre rinse- Rinse- hot-air drying


    PLC+Touch screen( One button start )

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